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shrug n : a gesture involving the shoulders v : raise one's shoulders to indicate indifference or resignation [also: shrugging, shrugged]

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  1. A lifting of the shoulders to signal indifference.
    He dismissed my comment with a shrug.


To shrug one's shoulders


  1. To raise the shoulders to express a lack of knowledge or certainty.
    I asked him for an answer and he just shrugged.
  2. To raise the shoulders to express a lack of concern or worry.
    When he saw the problem, he just shrugged and started fixing it.''


to raise the shoulders to express a lack of knowledge or certainty

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A shrug is a form of nonverbal communication that is performed by lifting both shoulders up, and is an indication of an individual either not knowing an answer to a question, or not caring about a result. It may be accentuated with raised eyebrows and/or an exaggerated frown.

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shrug in German: Achselzucken

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accept, bearing, beck, beckon, body language, carriage, charade, chironomy, condone, countenance, dactylology, deaf-and-dumb alphabet, dumb show, gesticulate, gesticulation, gesture, gesture language, grin and abide, hand signal, kinesics, let go by, let pass, mime, motion, motion to, movement, obey, overlook, pantomime, poise, pose, posture, rise above, saw the air, shrug it off, shrug the shoulders, sign language, stance, submit to, wave the arms, yield to
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